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Cryptocurrency Signals User Guide

Signaly Trading, as the best cryptocurrency signal provider in valid currency exchanges such as Binance, and CoinEx , suggest all users and customers to read this guide to make a better use of the offered cryptocurrency signal in our Telegram channel for golden and silver and bronze services. We hope you make better use of the provided crypto signals by Signaly Trading in the all cryptocurrencies signals provider channels by reading the following guide.

Investing in cryptocurrency industry and trading introduction

while being profitable, investing in cryptocurrencies would be risky too. As you can multiple your fund in few days, you may halve it in few days too. Your potential profit is directly related to the potential risk you accept. Trading cryptocurrencies and exchanging cryptocurrencies daily and international cryptocurrencies exchanges are no exception and like any other business, it needs experience, profession and also cooperation and consultation. ( CRYPTOCURRENCY SIGNAL )

Whether you are a professional or an amateur in trading cryptocurrencies field, you need to monitor and analyze cryptocurrencies market sales price in different exchanges such as Binance, KuCoin, Poloniex and Bittrex. Certainly, monitoring the whole market including Bitcoin or Altcoins like Ethereum, Binance or even stablecoins and doing fundamental and technical analysis of prices is not possible for one person. ( CRYPTOCURRENCY SIGNAL )

Without the suitable tools and the help of other professionals in this field, you would lose the opportunity to invest on a single coin or market or increase the possibility to invest on a riskier coin for not using other professionals’ opinions on cryptocurrencies field.

Also, in the current situation in trading and investing in cryptocurrencies, many people consider it as a part-time job, not a full-time job, since the cryptocurrency industry has increasing benefits. Besides their main career, they can invest a part of their fund in an industry that has a bright future which industries such as power, oil, automobile, aircraft, computer and internet have had in their early years. ( CRYPTOCURRENCY SIGNAL )

Once a wise man said “if you ought to not work in your elderly, get a job that helps you make money while you’re sleeping”.

Therefore, investing and trading in cryptocurrency industry is one of the most up to date jobs you can attend to have a bright future for you and other investors so don’t lose this opportunity!

Why should I choose Signaly Trading services?

Signaly Trading is an all new start up and a complex of young professionals in cryptocurrency trading and industry which is constantly analyzing the entire cryptocurrency market in valid and international exchanges via different sources, such as news and technical tools in this field and offers cryptocurrency signal after passing couple filters and determining signal’s risk and adding features like trade by one click all just by joining our Telegram channels. ( CRYPTOCURRENCY SIGNAL )

Whether you’re an amateur or a professional, by using our various services, you would receive less risky signals with more potential profit. By the way, notice that we will not remove the risk factor. We never offer risk free signals. Accepting the risk is an inseparable quality of a profitable market. You can monitor more markets and exchanges with us. Also, by categorized cryptocurrency signals which you receive, after a while, you can have a good strategy by managing your fear and greed to exchange cryptocurrencies and increase your cryptocurrencies and coins fund.  CRYPTOCURRENCY SIGNAL )

Time is important in trading. By joining our signal’s Telegram channel, you can connect to your desired exchange with one click as fast and easily as possible and you don’t have to spend time and energy to enter the exchange’s address and search your desired market. We have made everything easy for our customers. ( CRYPTOCURRENCY SIGNAL )

Get to know the different parts of Signaly Trading’s signals In Telegram channel

Dear user, when you join the golden, silver or bronze service’s Telegram channel, you will receive cryptocurrency signals, as it’s shown in this picture or similar to what you see. In order to help you understand the different parts of the provided cryptocurrency signals in the Telegram channel, here is a description of every section, presented to you.

Market :

Market, is a currency pair identifier which its signal has been announced. In the picture below, the announced cryptocurrency signal is related to Ethereum to Enjin coin currency pair. We use the term Ethereum signal for this signal, because the purpose of this signal is to buy a small amount of Enjin coin by selling Ethereum so in the future after Enjin coin’s price increases, you increase your Ethereum fund by selling Enjin coin and turning it into Ethereum.

Therefore, we call this signal “Ethereum signal” which the final result of trading your cryptocurrency pair, is an increased amount of Ethereum. The same process is applied to Bitcoin signal and Stablecoins signals.


Exchange :

Exchange, determines which of the provided cryptocurrency signal is related to the covered exchanges. In this picture, the signal is related to Binance exchange so we call it Binance exchange signal or in short, Binance signal.

Except Binance signal, currently other covered exchanges signal are KuCoin signal, Bittrex signal and Poloniex signal. Golden services include all the covered cryptocurrency exchanges’ signal, but silver services only cover Binance exchange and Bitcoin’s market and signal and also up to certain level, Ethereum signals.

Usually, in bronze services more cryptocurrency signals are offered. These signals may include both, buying and selling cryptocurrency signal. Bronze services don’t include any risk management and rating signal’s rhythm feature and also, the trade with one click feature is not considered for this service. The decision is yours, With Signaly Trading.

Signal Type :

The signal, could be selling or buying type. Most of the offered cryptocurrency signals are buying type, which means we aim to buy a quote currency by selling base currencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum, so in targets that are specified in signals, this quote currency can turn into base currencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum or in some cases, Stablecoins.

In some cases, we may offer cryptocurrency selling signal. The reason may be that considering technical or fundamental analysis, or removing a currency from one or more exchanges list, the possibility of price falling will increase. The purpose of this signal is to offer crucial information to you to choose and avoid any further money loss.

Risk Level :

All the provided cryptocurrency signals in Signaly Trading, have a risk management system, in which any possible risk of any cryptocurrency signal is determined by a level from 1 to 5. Level 5, indicates the highest possible risk but level 1 indicates the lowest possible risk. Signal’s level 5 risk indicates that there is a possibility for the signal to obtain the specific goals while the possibility of price falling is high. Also, it shows that the signal has a chance to get to the goals in long term.

We suggest you to use risky cryptocurrency signals with “stop loss”, unless you have a better personal strategy. Notice that considering signal’s past and present conditions and news and analysis, all the offered signals have a chance to meet the final goal, but the riskier the signals are, the harder it is to reach the goal and the higher the goals are set, the longer it takes to reach them.

Considering present conditions of the signal, a signal with level 3 risk, is a normal cryptocurrency signal that has a chance to reach one or more targets in a short term or midterm. A signal with level 1 risk, is a signal with a high chance to reach one or more targets in a short term midterm, considering the signals technical conditions and news and cryptocurrency market analysis in normal conditions.

Notice that offering a signal with level 1 risk doesn’t mean the signal will certainly reach the goals or a cryptocurrency signal with level 5 risk has no chance to reach the goals, but in some cases the situation may be different or even upside down. Like any other market, in any moment, internal or external factors might affect the market and the cryptocurrency market is no exception. Signal’s risk management system is the advisory and technical opinion of Signaly Trading to our golden and silver services customers.

Notice that offering a signal with level 1 risk doesn’t mean the signal will certainly reach the goals or a cryptocurrency signal with level 5 risk has no chance to reach the goals, but in some cases the situation may be different or even upside down. Like any other market, in any moment, internal or external factors might affect the market and the cryptocurrency market is no exception. Signal’s risk management system is the advisory and technical opinion of Signaly Trading to our golden and silver services customers.

Buy Zone :

Buy zone, determines the best price range to buy or convert base cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum. In our opinion, you’re better off buy in this price range. Of course, depending on your own strategy, market’s condition and the time you see that specific signal, you may decide to buy a bit more or less than this price range. It depends on your strategy and buying out of the price range can increase the risk.

Stop Loss :

After purchasing, the price might have a lot of price fluctuations before getting to the goal. At the same time, there’s a chance that this specific cryptocurrency has a noticeable falling price. In this case, you should avoid selling that cryptocurrency, because the price falling is temporary and short term and turns back to the goals or it is also possible that there’s a long term falling prices after that, in which using stop loss and exiting with a little bit of money loss can help in most cases and it’s a very good assistant to get out with less money loss.

We suggest you to use stop loss in signals with high risk level, if it’s possible. If you have a small amount of money and the signals you can invest in aren’t much, use stop loss. Exiting the signal with a little loss, gives you the opportunity to use your fund for future trades so you can recover the money you lost from the last signal and even turn it into profit. In general, using stop loss depends on your strategy but we don’t suggest it in all cases (like most of cryptocurrency signals with level 1 risk), but in most cases, it’s suggested.


Target :

Signaly Trading, usually offers a minimum of 3 and maximum of 5 price targets for every cryptocurrency signal that is provided in our Telegram channel. A signal is called a green signal once it reaches the first price target in our cryptocurrency signal’s channel.

An ideal signal is a signal that reaches the second and the third price targets, and an excellent signal is a signal that reaches the fourth and the fifth price targets. The higher targets you reach, the more profit you receive and the higher risk you accept. You must learn a suitable trading strategy through experience to manage your fear and greed.

ID :

Signaly Trading has considered an ID for every cryptocurrency signal. This ID is used to recognize and return to the signal in the future. Users can write down the ID of the signal that they have invested in and in the future, they can return to the signal easily and quickly only by searching that ID in cryptocurrency signal’s Telegram channel and if necessary, by tapping on the trade by one click button you can see the signal’s currency pairs in its exchange page and check the signal’s situation quickly and easily.


AD date of the cryptocurrency signal’s announcement could be seen from this section. We use YYYY/MM/DD format in Signaly Trading’s Telegram channel.


Time is important. In trading, trading by one click helps you connect to the cryptocurrency exchange quickly. In silver services that just include Binance exchange, there’s two trade by one click buttons. One for mobile users and the other for PC user. That’s because of the Binance website’s technical features.

Golden services, which include all four Binance, Bittrex, Poloniex and KuCoin exchange has a similar situation too, but due to technical reasons in all the mentioned exchanges, some differences could be seen.

At the moment, by using the trade by one click feature, firstly you can connect to your desired exchange faster and easier and secondly, you connect to the target market which its signal is offered and you can see signal’s conditions and technical charts. Don’t forget that you have to login to start trading.

Important note:

Dear user, in order to use cryptocurrency signals, you need to install Telegram Messenger and then, sign up and after that, choose a Telegram ID for yourself from the setting. When you’re buying a service from our website, you should enter you ID correctly while you’re ordering. Only this ID can use our services. In the end notice that any purchase is specified to one Telegram ID. The valid ID is the one you have entered while signing up.

in order to use our cryptocurrency signal providing services and cryptocurrency signal channel and Signaly Trading’s services, you must enter your detailed and correct information while you’re signing up.

Dear user, notice that any purchase from our website or using any of Signaly Trading’s services and cryptocurrency signals means you have read and accepted Signaly Trading’s terms and conditions. Thanks your attention.


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