Binance futures signalsIn this service, you will receive Binance Futures Signals Special Subscription along with Binance Spot Signal for 90 days. Through this service, you will get Futures signals from about ten authoritative signal teams from all around the world. Hence, according to your strategy and trading method, you will have a broader assortment of signals. Also, you might want to consider Binance Futures Strategy, a more comprehensive service.

Features of Binance Futures Signals Pack Subscription

  1. Receiving the best Binance Futures signals
  2. Receiving the best Binance Spot signals
  3. Receiving the crypto Fundamantal signals
  4. Receiving USDT and Bitcoin signals
  5. Receiving more Binance Altcoin signals
  6. Receiving Futures signals from about 10 different teams
  7. A Richer assortment of signal choices and trading strategies
  8. A more reasonable price alongside getting signals from diverse sources
  9. Available to be purchased using cryptocurrencies and international bank cards


Specifications of Binance Futures Signals Pack Special Subscription Service

Binance Futures SignalsSeveral people prefer to trade with a larger capital to attain a higher expected outcome from each trade. Binance Futures is Binance’s response to such people. Therefore, using Binance Futures, you can trade with more power and capital.

Currently, Binance Futures Pack Special Signal Service is a combination of Binance Spot and Binance Futures services. In this service, in addition to receiving Futures signals from about ten paramount signal teams from around the world, you will get Binance Spot Market signals. Binance Spot Signals act as a complement to the Binance Futures, covering a broader list of currency pairs.  

The number of Binance Futures and Spot Signals

Due to covering both Binance Futures and Binance Spot markets, the number of provided signals in this service is greater than those provided in Golden and Silver services. Thus, you will get more signals. A higher number of signals gives you a more substantial selection power. According to the cryptocurrency markets’ conditions, the number of cryptocurrency signals you will get may range from a few up to tens of signals during a day.

Furthermore, according to your trading method and strategy, you can opt for the optimal choice among the available signal systems, algorithms, and teams, or you might adopt a combination of possible options. The choice is yours. With us, you have a stronger selection power.

The number of provided signals in this service is contingent upon the market’s condition. In a normal market condition, you will probably receive 1 to 30 signals a day through the Futures service, and on average, you will monthly get from 200 to 700 Futures signals. For the Spot signals, also, you approximately receive from 5 to 30 signals a day, about more than 300 signals per month.

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In case of cryptocurrency market instability or pump/dump situations, in order to prevent customers from suffering from losses, providing signals may temporarily decrease or stop. Moreover, due to the monthly system updates, 1 to 3 days each month, giving cryptocurrency signals might be limited or stopped. In case that providing cryptocurrency signals cease in the Binance Futures Special Signal Service, due to the reasons mentioned above, the entire cessation period will be added to the subscribers’ subscription period.

Duration of Binance Futures Signals

Future signals are frequently short-term, and they will be concluded within a few hours or days. Additionally, Spot signals are provided in short-term or mid-term periods, and their durations vary from 1 to 30 days. In a normal market condition, the rough success ratio of the provided signals goes beyond 85 percent. It should be mentioned that the dumps/pumps in the cryptocurrency market prices accompanied by other secondary factors may affect the signals’ duration and validity. Also, the success ratio of the signals provided by different teams may fluctuate in disparate market conditions. You should have consistent experiences and analyses to choose more desirable, appropriate signals through different, instantaneous market conditions.

Receiving and How to Activate the Binance Futures Signals Pack

Binance Exchange Signals are provided to you by become a member of SignalyTrading telegram groups. So in order to become a member of the Binance Futures Signal Channel you need to install the Telegram Messenger Application on your mobile, tablet or computer (You can instable multiple version of  the Portable Telegram Messenger on a single computer). After purchasing the service, in the return from purchase page, the  Binance Signal Telegram Channel link is available in the Download Section. Click on the download button, you will receive a text file, the Binance Signal Channel link is in this file. Use this link to enter Binance Signal Channel. Also the link to the related channel is available in the download section of your User Page.

It is strongly recommended that if you have a Telegram ID, during the purchase phase enter your Telegram ID in the order description section or the field related to the buyer’s information. If necessary we will send the channel link and purchased service to your Email or Telegram ID in 1 to 72 hours. Therefore, be very careful in entering your information.

If you have problems entering the Binance Signal channel or problems in using it, you can contact our telegram support team using this address:


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Also you can contact us using Email Support of This Website’s Ticketing System

Note that the corresponding channel links will be available for you after your purchase and confirmation of the transaction. In case of having any problem with entering the related channels, please send the purchase screenshot, TXID, and your name to our support team in Telegram. After confirmation, it takes about 1 to 24 working hours to send you Telegram signal channel links through your Telegram or email.


Dear user, please note that Binance Futures Special Signal Service is designed for professional and semiprofessional traders. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that if you do not have enough experience with trading, money management, fear and greed management, or risk management, or if you are not comprehensively instructed about trading with leverage in Binance Futures, please do not use this service. Alternatively, you can work cautiously during the first days or weeks, or you might want to trade on paper initially.

If you do not have enough experience, you could use services with lower risk, e.g., Golden and Silver services, to trade in the Binance Spot market. Principally, your expected profit/loss depends on the amount of risk you accept. Binance Spot market, Golden service, and Silver service are designed for people with a lower level of experience, beginners, and people who want to trade with lower risk.

In this service, in addition to Binance Futures signals, we will provide you with Binance Spot signals to enhance your selection competence.


Note that SignalyTrading group is neither responsible for your probable profit/loss, nor will you share your profit/loss with the group. You trade with your entire responsibility, and you accept that there is no guarantee for reaching or failing to contact any of the provided signals’ targets. Due to their nature, the crypto market, especially Futures, may follow an opposite direction at each moment; hence, the Binance Futures signal is no exception.

Furthermore, note that the SignalyTrading technical team plays no role in providing more Future signals, and the signals are supplied by other authentic groups. You can also use, if interested, our another service named Binance Futures Strategy, a more comprehensive service, in which in addition to accessing other groups’ signals, you can access the Futures signals provided by the SignalyTrading team along with achieving the signal’s specific strategy and the related service.

Buying Rules and Regulations

Buying from SignalyTrading means you admit your responsibility in choosing crypto signals, trading cryptocurrencies, fear and greed management, money management, etc.

With SignalyTrading use opportunities in the moment. The Future is yours.


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