Dear user, by purchasing this service, you will receive a 30 days CoinEx Signal  subscription. By using this service, you will receive the most professional crypto currency signals in the CoinEx Exchange based on 3 main BitCoin, Tether and Ethereum currencies from the Signal CoinEx Channel in the Telegram messenger. The provided signals are the analysis result of 1 to 4 different systems and algorithms. As a result, you will have a better decision-making power between the different systems and algorithms, based on your strategies and trade methods.  

Specifications and Features of CoinEx Signal Service

  1. Numeric analysis and Crypto currency Signal Risk Management System
  2. Provided by 1 to 4 different signal providing Systems and Algorithms
  3. Having the Verified Parameter for selecting the CoinEx signals with lower risk
  4. Receiving Altcoin signals based on 3 base currencies of BitCoin, Tether and Ethereum
  5. Power of selecting the Best Algorithms, based on strategy and trade method
  6. Ability of buying and paying using International Bank Cards and electronic currencies
  7. Ability of buying and paying using Crypto Currencies including Bitcoin and tens of different Altcoins
  8. 10 percent discount on buying 1 year TradingView website accounts


CoinEx Signal and What You Need to Know

CoinEx SignalCoinEx Exchange can be knows as one of the world’s most reliable exchange websites. Lack of sanctions from the CoinEx Exchange on the people of different countries is one of the benefits of this crypto currency exchange. CoinEx Exchange has started it work from the year 2017 in Hong Kong. This exchange now covers more than 168 different crypto currencies and more than 408 different markets or crypto currency pairs.

CoinEx Signal Service Specifications

The special CoinEx Signal service covers 3 base trade currencies including BitCoin, Tether and Ethereum for trading with other Altcoins. This Hong Kong exchange has tried to use more valid currencies and Altcoins as much as possible in its provided signals.

All provided CoinEx Signals are results of 1 to 4 different Signaling Algorithms and Systems. Each provided signal’s algorithm type is determined in its parameters. Also all signals contain the Verification parameter which shows that how many different algorithms have verified that signal during the last 12 hours. Alongside these two parameters, the Risk Level parameter can also help you select the more appropriate CoinEx Signal.


CoinEx Signal Number

The numbers of signals for CoinEx Exchange in each day are based on the crypto currencies’ market condition something between 1 to 10 and the number of signals provided in each month is something between 100 to 250 signals (CoinEx Signal numbers can increase or decrease in each time based on market conditions)


CoinEx Signal Length and Life Cycle

CoinEx Signals are usually of short and medium term and have life cycle of 1 to 30 days. Success ratio of signals in normal market conditions during the determined time has the average of about 85 to 93 percent. It is notable that crypto currency market pumps and dumps can affect crypto currency signals’ length or validity.  


CoinEx Signal Parameters

Dear user, it is necessary for you to properly familiarize yourself with the provided parameters before using CoinEx Exchange Signals.


Risk Level Parameter

This parameter uses market conditions, currency pair conditions, currency history and other technical parameters, to determine the potential risk of a CoinEx Signal. A lower number means lower risk and a higher number means higher risk. As a result, a signal with 5/5 risk has the highest risk. In these situations, 5/5 signals may achieve their goals faster but will have a higher risk while doing so.

The possibility of a currency’s value increase trend return and reversal is a factor that puts signals risk at the 5/5 level. In other words, it is possible for a 5/5 crypto currency signals to reach all of its goals really fast or possibly lose its value rapidly or even reach Stop Loss. Some signals with the 5/5 risk are signals called the Wild Signals. Also in times that the market is risky and unstable and emotional or at times that the market is under the influence of whales on the prices, all signals or a major part of them will be provided with 5/5 risk.


Buy Zone or Fluctuation Zone

The provided Buy Zone in the CoinEx Signal has a dual purpose. The provided buy zone actually, shows a certain currency’s predicted Fluctuation Range. The provided Buy Zone determines the potential price fluctuation range of a currency pair until reaching one or many of its price goals.  

Also you should know that if you split all of the Buy Zone into halves, the upper halves determines the Real Buy Zone (recommended) and this entire zone usually determines the normal signal price fluctuations. This is a general rule that is valid in most signals.

As an example, if a signal is determined in the 100 to 120 dollars buy zone. Actually it is being predicted that the normal fluctuation for the determined Crypto Currency Signal are between 100 to 120 dollars. Based on the provided formula, here the Real or Recommended Buy Zone of this signal is between 100 to 120 dollars.  


Time and Entering Method CoinEx Signal

At the time of sending CoinEx Signal in more that 99 percent of the time, the price will be inside the Buy Zone and usually 1 to 5 percent below the provided buy zone ceiling. As a result, in most cases when a signal is provided, the price will be much closer to the ceiling of the buy zone (You should consider the fact that the provided signal might exit this zone based on different reasons and price speed)

So, when a CoinEx Signal is provided, you should buy at that exact moment if the price is below the Buy Zone ceiling. If the price is between the buy ceiling and the first target, you can also buy with the acceptance of higher risk and slightly lower profits based on your personal strategies. Or wait so that in the near future, the price could once again enter the zone.

When we have an ascending market, it is usually better to enter the signal as fast as possible. In descending markets you should wait as much as possible and try to enter the signal with lower prices. You need to manage this subject based on your trade strategy and method, and crypto currency market conditions.

Provided Numbers in CoinEx Signal

In some CoinEx signals because of the multitude of number and also to increase readability and decrease mistakes, low value numbers have been removed and the provided numbers have been rounded up. As an example instead of 0.000014256 the number 0.000142 is reprovided in which the last two digits from the right are omitted. You can consider 0 or other digits like 1 to 5 in the place of the omitted digits. 


Different Signaling Systems and Algorithms

SignalyTrading uses different systems, methods and algorithms to analyze and monitor the crypto currency market in order to provide a better signal, as a result each system provides a different method and algorithms so you will receive more signals. At the same time, you can choose one of our systems based on your trade method and strategies to receive the best possible outcome, and also you can use a mixture of different algorithms.

In general, the CoinEx Signals provided by System B have the usually (but not always) shorter term of 1 to 15 days and the signals provided by System A have 1 to 30 days. System C and System D are two new hybrid systems and the CoinEx Signals provided by these two systems are usually of 1 to 20 days. With SignalyTrading you will have the power to choose the best possible system based on your attention and experience. We are constantly researching and developing to improve our systems and methods.


Verification Parameter in CoinEx Signals

The Verification parameter is a key and important parameter of the provided signals. SignalyTrading uses different methods and algorithms for CoinEx Signals and crypto currency signaling. In some situations, the increase in the value of a currency can be approved by multiple systems and algorithms in a short period of time. Yet, we usually provide a signal multiple times and repeatedly. As a result, you too won’t realize that a provided signal, its potential increase has been verified by multiple systems.   

We have added the Verification parameter to the CoinEx Exchange Signals to cover this situation. This parameter shows to you that at the time of the CoinEx Signal provideation, the increase in the value of this currency has been verified by how many systems in the past 12 hours. You should consider the fact that if even 4 systems have verified the signal, this does not guarantee its absolute success. The market conditions can change in any moment and affect the signal’s duration or validity. As a result, this parameter, alongside other parameters, can be helpful in selecting better and less risky signals.


Stop Loss Parameter

In CoinEx Signals, stop loss is designed in a way to preserve CoinEx Signals as much as possible from momentary and daily market fluctuations and momentary price drops and/or not using Stop Loss is dependent of your personal strategy and trade method. If you’re interested in using the recommended stop loss, then stop loss must be considered from the Bottom Price of the Buy Zone. For an example, if a signal’s buy zone is between 100 to 120 dollars and has the stop loss value of 10 percent. You must set your stop loss at 90 dollars, or in other words 10 percent less than the bottom price of the provided buy zone.


Receiving and How to Activate the CoinEx Signal Service

CoinEx Signals are provided to you by become a member of SignalyTrading telegram groups. So in order to become a member of the CoinEx Signal Channel you need to install the Telegram Messenger Application on your mobile, tablet or computer (You can instable multiple version of  the Portable Telegram Messenger on a single computer). After purchasing the service, in the return from purchase page, the  CoinEx Signal Telegram Channel link is available in the Download Section. Click on the download button, you will receive a text file, the CoinEx Signal Channel link is in this file. Use this link to enter CoinEx Signal Channel. Also the link to the related channel is available in the download section of your User Page.

It is strongly recommended that if you have a Telegram ID, during the purchase phase enter your Telegram ID in the order description section or the field related to the buyer’s information. If necessary we will send the channel link and purchased service to your Email or Telegram ID in 1 to 72 hours. Therefore, be very careful in entering your information.

If you have problems entering the CoinEx Signal channel or problems in using it, you can contact our telegram support team using this address:


Also you can contact us using Email Support of This Website’s Ticketing System.


Methods of Purchasing and Paying Using Crypto Currencies and International Bank Cards

SignalyTrading, has considered different purchase and payment methods for its customers, you can use different Bitcoin, tens of Altcoins and Stablecoins to make your purchase in this website. You can also use Visa Card and Master Card to make your service from this website. Our suggested method is purchasing using crypto currencies.  

Tip: In purchasing using crypto currencies never forget to add the transfer fee and network fee to the provided price otherwise. your purchase will not be successful.


SignalyTrading Complementary Services

You can use Yearly TradingView Website Accounts alongside the CoinEx Signal service with the currently special 50% discount prices. TradingView Accounts are good for financial market analysis including crypto currency market, and also FOREX, and markets and currency monitoring. The Trading View website provides the best web-based Technical Monitoring and Analysis tool in the world.  



tradingview premium discount
tradingview premium price

Also if you are Binance exchange traders, you can use Golden and Silver Services to receive crypto currency signals in Binance exchange by becoming a member of the Binance Signal Channel.

Alongside our non-free and premium services, these services will be provided to you freely. You can use the Free Binance Signal Channel, and also the free signal report channel and crypto currency news channel.


Crypto Currency Signal Report Channel



Free Binance Signal Channel



Crypto Currency and FOREX News Channel



SignalyTrading Robot



Also you could use the special Account Global channel for your digital payments, purchasing digital Visa cards and Master cards, purchasing accounts of other websites with much lower prices, provision of trade accessories, and connection to different exchanges, and privacy tools, and a world of different accounts with special prices.


Account Global Support



Account Global Channel



Special Offer for Receiving TradingView Website Account

All consumers with a 3 months or longer Crypto Currency Signal services including Binance Signal and or CoinEx Signal and etc., can use a 10 discount for purchasing one year TradingView accounts. Customers who have 3 months or longer signal subscriptions can use our support email, website’s ticketing system and or Telegram support to submit their request for receiving this Discount Code.



This is a special opportunity to receive the best financial market, crypto currency and FOREX trade and monitoring tool for the customers of SignalyTrading. Use opportunities in the moment. SignalyTrading will be free to cancel or change this special offer at any time.  

 Right now the official way of contacting us is using this Website’s Ticketing System and also our Telegram Support. If necessary you can be touch with us using the presented methods.  


Terms of Purchase from Us

Dear user, keep in mind that any kind of purchase from our site or the use of SignalyTrading services constitutes the reading and acceptance of the Terms of Purchase from Us and SignalyTrading Service Instructions.

Keep in mind that any economic activity has its unique benefits and risks. The crypto currency market and crypto currency trade, alongside its high potential benefit has the same amount of risks. Crypto currency market conditions can quickly take a reverse and unpredictable path due to different reasons. You personally enter this market with the knowledge of this subject and accepting the responsibility for market risk, and the potential gains and losses.

Using CoinEx Signal will not be the only factor determining a person’s possible gain or loss. Therefore, it is recommended to, if needed, spend a month for pen & paper and virtual trading and then after gaining the necessary experiences start practical trading with caution and while considering all aspects. Only you are responsible for your own performance and entrance and investing in crypto currency markets and using Signal and also the possible gain and loss resulted from trading in different conditions of the Crypto Currency Market.



 The First And Best Provider Of CoinEx Signal, Binance Exchange Signal And Providing TradingView  Accounts With Best Price And Discount 


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