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Cryptocurrency Signals and Terms and Conditions of buying from SignalyTrading

As the greatest provider of Cryptocurrency signals including Binance Signal, Bitcoin Signal and other cryptocurrency signals in Binance and CoinEx cryptocurrency exchanges, the SignalyTrading Group, Provides rules and regulations to make better use of SignalyTrading services in order to protect their services subscribers, and to inform you more.


Technical Terms and Conditions for the Use of cryptocurrencies trading signals

First Rule:

While Cryptocurrencies and investing in it including trading Cryptocurrencies, can be very lucrative and futuristic, like any other economic activity it’s also is not risk-free. So before you go into the cryptocurrency market and trading, measure its pros.

Second Rule:

Invest in cryptocurrencies that you won’t need for the next 2 to 3 years. In this case, the probability of profit is higher and the probability of loss is much less

Third Rule:

the Cryptocurrency signals are based on Technical and Fundamental Analysis and are provided after technical studies and passing from one or several filters. However, providing a signal does not mean prediction or Astrology and some other unpredicted factors including Market Whales Performance, can affect one or several Cryptocurrency Signals or even whole cryptocurrencies market at any time. The sum of these unanticipated factors has a direct impact on the provided signals and is out of the technical scope of  SignalyTrading.

Fourth Rule :

Getting a good cryptocurrency signal will work alongside a good strategy. Being patient  and controlling the feeling of fear and greed, timely action, and in which target and with what benefit you give out a signal and the Capital management, all of  these factors together can greatly enhance the profitability condition of a cryptocurrency signal. So if you are not patient and cannot control your feelings of fear and greed, do not enter cryptocurrencies trading. Also, if you have not been able to choose a successful trading strategy in the balanced market after 6 months of activity, we recommend that to exit the cryptocurrency market slowly and in proper condition.

Fifth Rule :

There is no guarantee that any cryptocurrency signals will be reached. We will not guarantee your profit. Profits and losses are the two sides of investing in cryptocurrency trading and the blockchain industry in general. So just as no one will benefit you, so no one will bring you loss. 

Sixth Rule :

Don’t take all your capital in trading. Enter a portion of your capital in trades and keep the rest in your safe wallet.

Seventh Rule :

try to use stop loss as much as possible in the provided signals. So in case of Sharp decline in Cryptocurrency prices, take less risk and release the capital involved for future trades.

Ninth Rule :

All of the above, are the basic principles of investing in cryptocurrencies and trading. You should choose a suitable trading strategy based on your specific circumstances and the experience you gain from using cryptocurrency signals.

Tenth Rule :

You enter the Cryptocurrency trading market and invest in the blockchain industry at your own risk. Signaly Trading Services will play the role of the Cryptocurrency Market Monitoring Tool for you,  We do not guarantee any of the services and signals provided.

Eleventh Rule :

SignalyTrading is permitted under certain conditions of the cryptocurrencies market and in situations where the market is significantly up or down, decrease or even temporarily interrupt the signal delivery. This is in order to safeguard the interests of customers as most signals lose their credibility under these circumstances.

Twelfth Rule :

SignalyTrading Commitment in Silver Services is just a bitcoin signal delivery to the altcoin in the currency Binance cryptocurrency exchange. Therefor, Etherium Signal to altcoins in Binance cryptocurrency Exchange in silver services is provided as a free service. Signaly Trading is allowed to discontinue its free services without prior notice.

Thirteenth Rule :

Signaly Trading commitment in golden services is providing Bitcoin Signals to altcoins and also Ethereum Signal to altcoins in Binance cryptocurrency Exchange plus another exchange between Kucoin , Bitrex and Poloniex cryptocurrency Exchanges.

Fourteenth Rule :

Signaly Trading, is allowed that at any time in order to improve the technical condition, increase or decrease or modify or delete its Services without prior notice.

Fifteenth Rule :

The number of cryptocurrency signals provided per day is not fixed. Depending on the conditions of the cryptocurrency market, the number of cryptocurrency signals can vary daily.

Sixteenth Rule :

SignalyTrading provides cryptocurrency signals using Telegram Messenger. All customers first need to  download this software from the telegram website and install it on their PC or mobile phone. After installing Telegram, it’s necessary to subscribe. After subscribing in the setting menu and in the profile section set an ID for yourself. When purchasing, you need to state your exact telegram ID. Only this ID can receive cryptocurrency signals.

The user is obliged to submit the correct information in order to use the cryptocurrency signal channel of  telegram, including his / her mobile phone number as well as his / her telegram ID.

Seventeenth Rule :

After purchasing the service, the link to the Digital Signal Telegram  Channel will be provided for you and will also be available through your user page on the site.  In some cases, it takes between 1 to 48 hours after buying a Signaly Trading service to add the user to the relevant cryptocurrency signal channel. Obviously, starting services time is when the user is being added to the Signaly Trading Telegram Cryptocurrency  Signal Channel. If you have any problems, you can contact the Website Support.

Eighteenth Rule :

All the parameters provided in cryptocurrency signals in Signaly Trading services, are suggested parameters, You use the Services and the Parameters stated at your own risk and accept the potential risk.

Nineteenth Rule :

Signaly Trading does not specify the exact date of the target for any of the signals provided. Signaling does not mean predicting. Each signal is the result of market monitoring and technical and fundamental analysis of cryptocurrencies. Signals are obtained after passing multiple filters and adding various parameters. You will use the signals with the knowledge that a signal might not reach any of its intended purposes. However, we are working to deliver the signals we hope to achieve in one or all of the goals within the next 1 hour to 40 days. The success rate of cryptocurrency signals provided by the trading signal is between 80% to 95%.

Twentieth Rule :

The official way of communicating on this website and other Signaly Trading related websites is to use website support ticketing system.

Twenty-first Rule :

every 30 days for period of 1 to 3 days, SignalyTrading is developing, reviewing, researching And improving the system and monitoring signals and methods. During this time, the signal providing across all cryptocurrency signal channels will either be completely cut off or very limited. You are aware of the issue when buying from SignalyTrading.

Twenty-Second Rule :

When purchasing and paying in cryptocurrencies, note that you need to add a net amount to the specified amount. What we receive is exactly what you see on the payout page. Otherwise your payment will not be accepted by the system and your purchase will fail. International credit card purchases are only for purchases over $ 20.  Your successful purchase is subject to the matter above. 

Twenty-third Rule :

In some cases, in providing cryptocurrency signals or related links or pricing targets may be mistaken. All users are required to check the status of the currency pair before trading, as well as prices and targets with the currency exchange site. You agree that you will trade only If you are sure of the precision of the information contained in the signal.

Twenty-fourth Rule :

Signaly Trading will be free to accept or reject the customer request for switching services.mistakes might happen

Terms of Service Refund

  1. at any time that SignalyTrading deliberately and for reasons that are within the authority and policies of Signaly Trading, Stops the service, The user can request a refund. If so, the amount remaining on the service will be credited to the account declared by the customer.
  2. In SignalyTrading Golden Services, the commitment of SignalyTrading is providing signals for two cryptocurrency exchanges, If the cryptocurrency exchanges on the service are less than two, the customer may request a refund or convert the service to a silver SignalyTrading service. In this case the remaining time of the service will be calculated and the amount of the service will be deposited in the customer’s account or equivalent to the possibility of using the silver SignalyTrading service for the given period. 

Force majeure

All terms and conditions apply, under normal circumstances, and in the event of any force majeure, including floods, earthquakes, natural and abnormal events such as war, rioting, revolution, protest, global power, internet and telegram outages And all other similar matters that are outside the scope of the SignalyTrading Group and Website does not have any responsibility for it. Unfortunately, it is not possible to refund service cost to customer in these circumstances.

If possible, after the conditions are returned to normal, the definite duration of each service will be calculated and upon request, it will be activated for the user after sending a ticket to the backup unit.

Final word:

Dear user, With its tools and technical team, SignalyTrading is able to monitor and analyze the cryptocurrency market. Based on the available technical and fundamental analysis, we provide you with the signal of currencies most likely to be in profitable condition at the right time. It is impossible for a trader, even a professional cryptocurrency trader, to do so.

Monitoring the entire cryptocurrency market is not possible for anyone without technical facilities and tools for some major currency exchanges, such as Binance cryptocurrency exchange and other cryptocurrency exchanges such as Kucoin, Bitrex and Poloniex. Trading With closed eyes, increases the risk of investing and trading. SignalyTrading will be your open eyes by providing cryptocurrency signals.

SignalyTrading by providing professional signals of cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin signal and Binance signal and other valid currency exchanges such as Kucoin, Bittrex and Poloniex, through the professional telegram channel, make it possible to monitor the market and also One click trading service allows you to quickly and easily connect to the currency exchange site and page of the target currency pair without typing the site address or target currency pair. In trading time is important, speed and convenience by itself will increase your precision. The clean and friendly interface makes it more enjoyable to check signals in the cryptocurrency signals channel and be able to focus more and better on signal techniques. You will experience less risk with the SignalyTrading.

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